A mehndi-full ride?

Mehndi is an important part of Indian culture. It’s not just a means of beautifying your body but has become a statement jewellery in itself and choosing one that brings the best in you this festive season can put you in a conundrum.

Fret not! Follow this guide about the various types of mehndi styles and choose the one that speaks to you.
Different Types Of Mehndi Designs- Because One’s Never Enough

Mehndi is not only beautiful, it has great cultural, sentimental and social importance. It’s a popular art recognised all around the globe with special significance in the east, naturally there’s a worldful of different types of mehndi designs. So keep an open mind and select one, only after you’ve seen it all. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Cool Fact- Mehndi is said to have its origins in Egypt, it was later brought to India by traders. The Egyption queens used Henna for tinting their hair and nails. Of course, they were the Original Fashionistas after all!